Business and Foreign Trade

At Celerak Inc., we focus on the needs of our customers. We offer an unparalleled capacity of specialized customer support worldwide in foreign trade, marketing of aviation spare parts, maritime logistics operation, maintenance and engineering services, and telecommunications and meteorology. We have had more than 14 successful years of experience in the market as Enterprise Solutions Consultants, making us the solution that your business needs.

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Celerak Inc. has a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board for each of its business groups which lead diverse groups of experts in each specialty, achieving great consolidation in the market and counting on the “best practices” for the benefit of each deal.

We believe that the key to success in business is to better understand the current market conditions and adapt to them, building strategies and solutions that give growth in the near future, and ensure the sustainability of your business in the long term.

We are ready to listen to your ideas and help you bring these ideas to life.


Celerak, Inc - USA

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Celerak - Latin America

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