Telecommunications and Meteorology

  We execute integral management of the project, assuring
the objectives of quality, deadlines and anticipated costs are always taken into consideration.

Telecommunications and Meteorology Solutions in our Inventory: Specifications and Photos


Choice of Appropriate Technology According to Customer Requirements

Type of Traffic (Data, Technology, Video)
Bandwidth Required
Expected Budget
System Management

Design Engineering of the Network to be Implemented

Network Topology
Redundancy Levels
Location of the Nodes
Interface with Access Networks / Other Transport Networks (Fiber Optic, Copper, Wireless)

Physical Implementation of the Solution

Laying of Sub-Ducts and Sealing Tests
Laying of Cable by Pneumatic Method Fusion Splices in Cables and Deliverers
Power Measurements and Reflectometry


Complete Integration of Communication Systems (Air-Land- Sea)

Radios V / VHF, UHF YV / UHF
Portable and Mobile Equipment
Remote Stations of Wide Reach
Monitoring Systems HW and SW

Equipment Navigation Help

NDB System

Other Services

Comprehensive Management of Projects: Ensuring Quality Objectives, Deadlines and Expected Costs
Beacon and Lighting Systems and Associated Control System
Vertical Signaling for Aircraft Guidance with LED Technology
Environmental Management and Control
Operational Safety System


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